Fresh Heir

For June, the Christian Writers blog chain has chosen “Fresh Air” as the topic of the month. This is not my contribution for the month. However, the first thing I thought of when I heard the topic was “Fresh Heir.” Thus this post.

As I said recently, I watched Prince William grow up. He is the same age as my oldest son and I’ve always felt sorry for him. I know many people believe they would be happy with all the perks William has, but I think it would be a horrible life. Only in the most insulated areas can William be his true self. We are never our true selves when cameras are recording our every movement.

Another thing–William has never had a choice in professions. Reports say he rebelled at the idea of being king when he was younger. As of late, he seems to have accepted his fate.

Polls have shown most people in England want William to become their next king instead of Charles.

Sadly, we know too much about Charles. Neither he nor Diana were very discreet. The image of Charles has been tarnished.

William, on the other hand, has grown up largely unscathed. One reason, of course, is because of the death of his mother. The press was asked to back off and leave the boys alone.

And, they did, for the most part. However, I believe William has also guarded his private life. He has seen what being in the public eye can do to people and he has learned to be cautious. Hopefully, he has chosen the right person to live his life with and they will not embarass themselves or the “firm” while living in the fishbowl.

As Christians, we may not realize it, but we’re living in a fishbowl. People are watching us. We need to guard our words and our actions.

We need to remember we are “heirs” of God. Let’s not tarnish the family name.

As we refresh in the eternal springs, let’s learn to be breaths of fresh heirs!


2 thoughts on “Fresh Heir

  1. Good point, Sheila. We too often forget that other people are watching our behavior and judging Christianity by our reactions and deeds. I remember a story about a missionary in China. A thief stole all of the blankets. A visiting Chinese soldier observed how the young missionary reacted to the theft. She knelt in prayer for the theif.

    He was amazed. “Are you not angry?” He asked.

    “No.” She replied. “The thief must have needed the blankets more than us.”
    The solider was won over to Christianity from this woman’s example. So much so, he became a priest.

    We never know how our behavior will affect another, for the better or worse. Great post, Sheila. And I agree with your assessment of the royal life. With privilige comes great responsibility – and the fish bowl.

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