Many times we ask, “What should I do?” Have you ever thought of it this way:
Who should we be?
Are we following Christ? Do people know we are Christians by the love we have for one another? Do we love even our enemies?
Do we choose a mate wisely, one who will help us grow in our Christian life? Do we seek the constructive criticism of others so we can grow into who we need to be? Do we take constructive criticism the right way or do we become defensive?
Do we surround ourselves with Christian role models so we can be influenced by them? Do we select books, TV shows, movies, internet content, games and music to cultivate a more Christ-like self?
Are we allowing God to “mold us and make us after his will?” Do we spend enough time in the study of God’s word so we will know who we should be? Do we spend enough time in silent contemplation so we know our faults and find ways to correct them?
Do we truly know ourselves, know our weaknesses and our strengths, and work on the areas we need to improve?
Are we walking on the right paths, allowing God to lead us in his ways?
Are we who God wants us to be?
If we are, then we should know what we should do.


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