My Teflon-coated brain rejects new information. Instructions about electronic gadgets especially slide right off. I try to remember how to check for previous calls on my landline phones. But we have three phones and each is different. In the “good old days” most people didn’t have to cope with so much stress. “Good old days” is in quotes because I don’t think they actually existed. But people did have less stress then, partly because they had a core support group consisting of family and friends. And middle and upper-class people usually had some type of domestic help. For a short period of time, my mother had a nanny helping out. And life was simpler then. Brains did not have to struggle with learning to use DVD players, TiVo, cell phones and computers.

Wait, someone might say. Aren’t these modern conveniences suppose to save us time? We have dryers and dishwashers and vacuum cleaners. But they all come with their own problems.I’ve been trying everything I can think of to remove hard-water deposits from the catch tray in the ice and water dispenser on my refrigerator. And our dishwasher sheds prongs like Satchel sheds hair. Guck builds up in the bottom of it and the other day the door broke. More stress and time wasted.

But right now the biggest stress causer for us is our taxes. Unwieldy, complex, something no one can fully understand, our tax system is in need of a complete overhaul. It was not until 1913 that the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified and income tax became a way of life. I take back what I said earlier. Good old days did once exist!

I know the government has to have money to operate. But let’s simplify! KISS (Keep It Simply Simple) Teflon-coated brains can only handle simple.


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