Easy Bulletin Boards for Church: Rise and Shine

I have been doing bulletin boards at my church for years. Recently, I decided to gather some new ideas and began a search. Maybe there is a website out there somewhere with easy, fantastic ideas, but I failed to find it. So, I decided to share some of my own ideas with you. If you are looking for bulletin board ideas, feel free to use this material. However, none of this is for re-sale.

After sifting through numerous bulletin board books, Pinterest boards, and other websites, I came up with a list of around eighty new ideas. I like simple. In today’s hurry-up world (I ain’t got time for you–Candy Crush is waiting!) and, dare I say, lazier world, simple and easy wins the day.

The first thing I did was scrounge for materials. I don’t like to waste if things are available for free so I rummaged in our church attic and in my own closets. I found some thick, white material in the church’s attic. It was wrinkled and so I ironed it. I had enough for two backgrounds. I’ll share one today. I decided to go with a farm backdrop and wanted to use bold colors. I sketched out a design and got to work painting. It’s true it would have been easier to use a stretched canvas… or even if I stretched out this material before beginning. But being one of the hurry-up, lazy people of the world, I didn’t bother. I used simple shapes to create the images on the backdrop (by the way, this particular board is long, 7’4″ and 34″ wide). This is a portion of what I came up with:IMG_2912

As I said, simple shapes–round yellow sun, silo, barn, and rolling hills with a pond. This is not yet up on the board… I’ll show you the finished product when it’s all done. Notice that there are wrinkles in the cloth. To me, it lends an interesting texture and doesn’t worry me.

I wanted a rooster to go on the board but did not want to paint it directly onto the material. I want to be able to add and subtract different elements. I drew a simple rooster (I’m sure most can do better than this–again I want things simple. It should be fairly easy to find a pattern for a rooster, if you don’t like this one.) I started with this:


Added some details…IMG_2914

And painted it. The rooster is made from a poster board.IMG_2922Markers can easily be used to color the picture. Here’s the rooster on the backdrop:


I also plan to add a white fence for the rooster to stand on. I think I have a short, white plastic “fence” used in landscaping that I hope to find stashed away somewhere.

Now I have the elements for the first board using the rooster. There are many captions possible. Here are some suggestions:

1. Rise and shine! Be on time!

2. Rise and let your love shine!

3. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

4. Shine for Jesus

5. The sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. ~Malachi 4:2

6. The day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts. ~2nd Peter 1:19

The backdrop of the farm, without the rooster, can be used with other sayings. On one of the hills, a simple house (square with triangle on top for the roof. Squares and rectangles for the windows and door) can be placed and the caption can be: “Build your house on a firm foundation.” The word “Jesus” can be placed beneath the house.

A toad can be placed at the pond. The caption could be “God is toad-aly awesome!”

A young boy can be fishing in the pond. The caption: “Be fishers of men.” The fishing pole and line can be an actual small pole with line.

Fish can be leaping from the water. The caption: “Make a splash for the Lord.”

A young boy or girl could be kneeling on top of the hill. Caption: “Be still and know I am God.”

A young girl could be washing a puppy. Caption: “A clean heart pleases God.”

Possibilities are endless. As I do the boards, I’ll add more posts.

Hope you find this useful!