Manage Passwords, the Easy Way

To be safe, I’m changing all my passwords. Here’s something I learned from my daughter-in-law.

To make a password, use the first two letters of the website. They can be placed anywhere within your completed password, such as at the beginning, in the middle, at the end, even separated They can be capitalized or not–whichever you prefer. Next, choose a four-digit number. I would choose¬†something random–not a birth year, anniversary, etc. Lastly, choose a word with at least five letters.

Now, you’re ready to create your password. Here’s an example: Fa1492Sherlock. That would be the password for Facebook. For Yahoo, Ya1492Sherlock. For Twitter, Tw1492Sherlock. As you can see, the password changes for each site and yet is easy to remember. You can decide on any way to combine these elements and then stick with it from website to website. It could be this: 14F92Asherlock; 14Y92Asherlock; 14T92Wsherlock. It’s really simple–even I can remember my passwords!

And this is the reason why, as you probably know: The Heartbleed Bug

Someone mentioned to use a Password Manager. However, you must have a password for the Password Manager. I prefer managing my own passwords and this is a simple, effective method.